Transmission Detroit Frequently Asked Questions

As you might imagine, we encounter a good many questions along the course of a day here at Transmission Detroit. For your convenience, we have posted some of the more pertinent and common questions here:

How soon can I get my vehicle checked out?

In all honesty, the answer to this question varies from day to day. Our lead-times vary based on how busy and/or backed up our technicians are. For a current answer regarding our work load, we recommend you give us a call or send us a quick email for up to date info regarding just how long it might take to get your transmission looked at. We accept both drive-ins as well as appointments. If your situation is not urgent, we recommend taking advantage of our appointment system which helps facilitate quicker turnaround time.

Is there a "check out fee" when bringing my vehicle to you?

In short, yes. Upon your initial drop off, we will quote you one hour's labor in order to get a general diagnosis regarding the difficulties your vehicle is encountering. However, there are times where a full tear-down of your transmission will be required in order to ascertain what is amiss. If the latter is the case, your adviser will contact you to let you know all of the specific details. In both cases the cost of diagnosis will go toward the repair. That is, our time spend figuring out your vehicle's problem will not cost you any extra if you go through with the repair.

Do you guarantee your work?

But of course! Our warranties fall in line with the industry standard, and in many cases exceeds it. For specifics regarding our warranty policy, we recommend you contact your service adviser today.