Transmission Detroit Pricing

While we can't publish prices here, we can tell you what goes into our pricing structure for any given job that comes through our doors. But first, let us quickly explain why we can't publish a list of pricing here: The reason is quite simple. In all actuality... No two repair jobs are the same. They all have many different factors which go into both computing labor time, as well as various parts which are required to facilitate the repair procedure. As such, we go into every job not knowing what will be needed in order to get the job done.

In determining your repair cost, our mechanics will painstakingly go through the damaged component(s) and figure out what will need to be replaced. They will then formulate a recommendation to your service advisor. For example, a transmission might have so many damaged parts that it would simply make more sense to quote a replacement transmission for the repair. Conversely, if only one part is damaged, they will recommend replacing that part, and compute the labor required to get the job done based on universally service industry time standards. At that point, your advisor will call you and go over what will need to be done.

Regardless of what needs to be done, you can count on Transmission Detroit to get the job done right, with the guaranteed to back it up! The Detroit Transmission workmanship truly speaks for itself.